Such other financing indisputable advantage - the lowest rate on the loan. Compared to replace its size is much lower. It reduces the risk of the bank, as well as in the interest portion of interest expense on deposits paid off, so the total interest in such loans can be from three to four per cent per year. Mortgage loans directly to borrowers not only can, but also keep a friend, relative or any third party, respectively, with his written consent. Can issue an unlimited number of times by deposit secured loans, can also be attributed to the benefits of this type of financing. However, this only applies to the term deposit agreement. Margin but in the access to credit should be clarified before all the details, features and conditions of such financing. This will avoid in the future any unpleasant surprises and all kinds of conflict situations. After all, in addition to all the advantages, as well as other types of financing, loans to deposits has its shortcomings, it must also be available. The first drawback - it is limited to the loan terms. Has opened a deposit account, the bank two years, you can not in a three-year warranty period to obtain loans. Such loans may be for a period not exceeding two years, if you open a deposit for two years issued. But in general, the financing period of up to two years. In other words, the timing of such credits determined by the bank based on deposits. Another negative - this restriction amounts borrowed cash deposit in the amount. You can not exceed the loan amount of ninety percent of your deposit amount. Credit commitments, where you can place in the end of the loan contract. From your deposited funds can be used as a debt owed to the bank. Now many banks offer similar services, the provision of public funds under quite favorable and acceptable conditions. This product is beneficial to the borrower and the bank. Today, there are many advantages, credit cards have become part of our everyday life. However, although few people think credit cards are not cheap. However, if you use them properly, it is possible not only to pay interest to the bank, but also earn bonuses and discounts in the form of additional income. The main disadvantage of credit cards - this is a very high percentage, use of credit. Tying the credit card account, which contains all the money is not worth the sake of safety. In life, because anything can happen. It does not hurt, funds if your card credit limit than all overworked obtained stole the money. This level of credit of partner medical institutions, travel agencies, retail, cafes, hotels, restaurants, all kinds of entertainment facilities. Discounts usually five to ten percent. Gold Gold credit card offer to holders of first-class level. There discounts range from 5 to 25 percent, and the buddy list is still wider than the silver level card. Even individual offer one hundred percent discount.